Your adventure will be comprised of the following sections:

Pick-up or Show-up

We will pick you up from your Waikiki hotel at 7:00 a.m., and deliver you to your training session.  If you do not need to be picked up, please arrive at 8:00 a.m. for your Discover Scuba Diving experience.  Once you’ve arrived at our departure location of Island Divers Hawaii, you will have time to submit your Medical Questionnaire and browse our vast selection of t-shirts, gifts, and scuba equipment before disembarking on your adventure.b-1574

Knowlege Development

In your knowledge development session, you will be taught the fundamentals of scuba diving.  You will learn what not to do while diving, as well as some of the basic physical principles of diving.  Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with long lectures!  We will simply teach you what you need to know to have a safe first experience underwater.

Pre dive briefing

Diving Skills Development

You will then become accustomed to using scuba gear.  You and your instructor will practice some basic skills to prepare you to enjoy your first ocean diving experience with confidence.  Don’t worry, anyone with the desire and confidence to explore the underwater world should have no issues performing these basic skills with a little guidance from our instructors.


Open Water Dive

It is time for your first ocean diving experience!  You and your instructor will enter the water, and double-checking to make sure everything is O.K., descend and see what the underwater world has to offer.  You will see tropical fish, vibrant reefs, and explore a part of the world previously off-access to you!



After returning to the dock, you will be driven back to your hotel.  Please remember to tip your instructor if you feel they have succeeded in making your first underwater experience safe and enjoyable!


Total trip time:  Approximately 4 hours.

Is Scuba Diving For Me?

Do you want to learn to take your first breaths underwater?  Want a chance to explore the underwater world and see its creatures?  Scuba diving may be for you!  Here at Island Divers Hawaii, our trained staff of dive professionals will first work with you in a confined water setting to teach you the fundamentals of scuba diving.  You will dive from our custom made Dive Barge for your first chance to swim among ocean reefs and encounter wild, tropical fish.  As long as your are in good health, you can come with us to visit a small part of the 71% of our world that is covered in water.


What Do I Need to Scuba Dive?

A desire to safely explore the underwater world is the most important thing you will need in order to participate in one of our Discover Scuba Diving sessions!  Rental of all the scuba gear that will you need is included in your Discover Scuba Diving purchase.  This includes a mask, fins, scuba cylinder, buoyancy control device with low-pressure inflator, regulator and submersible pressure gauge.  You will also complete a medical questionnaire which asks about any major medical conditions you suffer from.  A “Yes” on this form will disqualify you from participation until you receive a doctor’s approval.


What Will I Do During My Discover Scuba Diving?

Have fun!  Our primary goal is to make sure that your first adventure underwater is as safe and relaxing as possible.  You will first be taught the basics of scuba diving in a brief knowledge development session.  Then you will practice what you’ve learned during your confined water training.  You will gain confidence and become familiar with the scuba equipment by performing a few essential skills.  After learning about the gear and how to properly use it underwater, it’s time to explore the ocean!  You will make an ocean dive from one of our purpose-built Dive Barge, where you will see beautiful coral, vibrant fish, and some large Green Sea Turtles if you’re lucky.